Behandling av polymert avfall

The products on this page fulfill the requirements in SPs certification rules SPCR 141. These certification rules set out the terms and conditions for certification, technical requirements and requirements in respect of ongoing inspection of polymeric materials, polymeric products and composed polymeric products in respect of various types of waste treatment.

The technical requirements and the requirements in respect of ongoing inspection (i.e. the manufacturer's own inspection and RISE surveillance inspection) have been drawn up by RISE(Then under the name SP) in conjunction with primary industry, manufacturers, consumers and waste disposal industry.

The certification is based on EN 13432. A material can be certified, based on tests steps 1 and 2 in the standard. If the final product shall be certified, test steps 3 and 4 has to be added.

The certification rules are based on current standards and guidelines. However, they may be revised in the future, e.g. to bring them into line with the requirements of other European or international standards. A review can also be legitimate if new regulations are introduced or as a result of new information gained from applying certification rules. Where precise or additional information is required with regard to the rules, a concise report to be integrated into any future new version of the rules is issued.


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