Utrustn, flerfärgad skrift / Multicoloured record equip.

Copying machines, printers etc. listed below meet the requirements in ISO 11798, 1st edition, which constitutes the requirements of the Swedish National Archives through reference in the Swedish National Archives regulations and recommendations on technical requirements and certification, RA-FS 2012:8, 4th chapter, 4th §.
The certificates concern preparation of records on archival and permanent paper. E refers to recording on one side of the paper. D means that the equipment is certified also for recording on the back of the document printed with the same equipment.

Some equipment does not meet the requirements with normal setting. In some cases the supplier can change the base setting so that the requirements are met. In other cases the user has to change the setting when copying/printing. If the user must change the setting, the setting to be used for archival documents is given in the list. The equipment shall then have a label describing how this setting is performed.

The Swedish National Archives permit exceptions from the requirements on maximum changes of multicoloured images given in ISO 11798. These requirements, specified in RA-FS 2012:8, are set so that the information content is not changed even if the colours are changed more than permitted according to ISO 11798. Equipment meeting the requirements in RA-FS 2012:8, 4th chapter, 4th §, but not in ISO 11798 are marked in the list with */ after the product designation.

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The certificate is valid for the given combination of equipment and toner from the certificate holder. Other combinations of equipment and toner are not certified.


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