Vehicle Fire Safety

Modern vehicles present unique challenges to active fire
safety systems. The close proximity to extremely inflammable
fuel, high temperatures and vibration in combination with
continuous operation in challenging environments presents a
number of risks. Most notably however, is the risk for rapid
fire development and progression. To manage these risks,
RISE had developed evaluation procedures for two distinct
areas related to vehicle fire safety. We asses both active fire
safety systems as well as fire safety procedures that
industries have put in place.

The technical requirements are based on internationally accepted standards. Certification is performed by SP Certification.

Continuous inspection involves inspection by the manufacturer and surveillance inspection by SP. Surveillance inspection is carried out through visits to the manufacturer, and involves assessment of the manufacturer's FPC.

The certification rules are based on current standards, but may be revised in future, e.g. to harmonize them with future European or international standards. Revision may also be necessary if new regulations are introduced or if a need for such revision is shown by the results of experience of application of the rules.

You can also find more information about the tests and about the P-marking, see link to the right

Our P-Marks for Fire Safe Vehicles

At RISE we certify fire safe vehicles and fire safety systems. The
relevant standards and test methods for vehicles are:
• SPCR 183 “Certification rules regarding fire suppression systems in engine compartments of buses and coaches” - Test: SP Method 4912
• SPCR 199 “Certification rules regarding fire suppression systemsin engine compartments of heavy vehicles” - Test: SP Method 4912 (no certificates yet)
• SPCR 197 "Certification rules regarding fire detection systems in engine compartments of heavy vehicles" - Test: SP Method 5320 (no certificates yet)
• SPCR 190 "Certification rules for vehicle manufacturers with respect to vehicle fire safety" - Procedure: SP Method 5289
• SPCR 191 "Certification rules for vehicle operators with respect to vehicle fire safety" (to be finalised)
• SPCR 192 "Certification rules for authorised service centers with respect to vehicle fire safety" (to be finalised) 

 See further information on the  actual website for each cathegory.


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